Dress Code and Classes – 1st Grade an Up

Class Offerings:

Ballet (Teen Ballet Classes are offered separately)

True ballet training begins at 1st grade.  This is the age when we can begin to train the muscles as well as the mind.  Ballet is more disciplined than any other form of dance.  It is also the foundation for all other styles of dance. Although ballet is the foundation of dance, it is not for ‘everyone’.  Young children who have short attention spans and enjoy being very active may feel ‘tortured’ in a class as structured as ballet.  However if students are joining dance classes to learn artistic dance, for grace and discipline, to truly dance seriously and/or training for future competition teams, BALLET IS A MUST!  Our ballet school is Russian-Vagonova formatted type structure with the style of the American Ballet Theatre (Balanchine Technique).  George Balanchine is regarded as the foremost contemporary choreographer in the world of ballet.  We use the same style of ballet as most Colleges & Professional Ballet schools.  Keep in mind: THERE IS A STRICT DRESS CODE FOR BALLET.  This includes solid colored leotards, pink tights, pink ballet shoes, and wearing your hair in a bun for class.  Students who don’t like wearing tights or don’t agree to put their hair up, should enroll for hip hop.

Our ballet program is unique and students play a major role in a ballet which is part of our annual spring performance.  Each class in the ballet department participates in the ballet.  Ballet classes are offered for all age levels from 1st grade & up.  Teen ballet classes are offered separately.

  • Ballet students will perform in 2-3 shows this year and perform at both the matinee and the evening shows.
  • Ballet Students participate in at least one ballet part in the show.

Dress Code:  Pink Ballet Shoes with straps sewed on them!  Ballet skirts permitted for Ballet Basic classes. Pink tights, and solid leotards.   HAIR IN A BUN!  Bobby pins and clips must be in your bags.  Warm Ups – leg warmers, sweater knit ballet pants, Ballet warm up pants.  TIGHT FITTED BALLET SWEATERS/TOPS.  NO SWEATS, LOOSE SHIRTS, PRINTED SHIRTS, TANKS, CROP TOPS AND BOOTY SHORTS ARE PERMITTED. IF YOUR ARE NOT DRESSED IN BALLET ATTIRE, YOU CANNOT ATTEND BALLET CLASS.

Jazz & Hip Hop

Jazz, lyrical, & Hip Hop are offered for ages 1st grade & up. Some are combination classes and some are separate each technique itself.  Jazz class embodies traditional jazz, flexibility, turns, kicks, & leaps.  Lyrical dance is of a contemporary style, an emotional dance, combining intense stretch & flexibility.  All Jazz classes combine traditional jazz with the most modern technique to provide for a challenging experience.  For energetic students who want ‘just for fun’ classes and want to learn the style of modern updated urban style, Hip Hop is the tops at our school. We work with Hip Hop’s best choreographers including Dan Karety, Nick Lazzarini, Travis Wall, Ivan, Sabra Johnson, and Tabetha & Nepolian (all from “So You Think You Can Dance”).


Modern dance is a more mature and abstract form of dance.  This style is also known as Contemporary.  College dancers have been familiar with this style of dance for years, however is has recently taken over the competition world and has swept the public by storm (on shows such as ‘So You Think You Can Dance’).  Modern is mostly offered for advanced dancers, ages 13 through adult.

Tap Dance & Theatre Dance

Tap Dance is offered for ages 1st grade & up with separate teen level tap classes.  Tap class enables students to learn and practice steps mainly using their foot, ankle, and leg muscles.  The students learn various routines of many different styles and is a very satisfying experience for all ages.  Theatre and Broadway dance are also offered which includes singing, dancing, and acting.

We also offer Theatre and Broadway dance which includes singing and acting.


Acro -Dance is the artistic and controlled use and movement of the body which includes limbers, chin stands, and walkovers.  ACRO includes tumbling which helps develop flexibility, balance, and provides good coordination.  ACRO is available for ages 1st grade & up.  Tumbling is also provided for pre school.