General Information


No student will be accepted into a class until all registration forms have been filled out, signed, and accepted.  Signatures must be signed by a parent or guardian. Registration fees may apply. Registration fees are to be paid in full along with the first month tuition prior to beginning any classes.


Class advancement is only for students who show remarkable progression. Although each class itself progresses annually, a student may be in the same technique level for more than one year. Therefore, the students are never repeating old material but are progressing as a class. Many classes are by age divisions. Ballet levels are at least a 2 year completion program. All beginner students are placed in a beginner level for their age group. All experienced students will be placed in a class that suits their dance ability according to their dance technique and days training per week. The first month of class is “placement” month. All new Academy students will begin in a Level I class in accordance to their age. If the student has had previous dance experience, the Instructor will give them the opportunity to attend a more advanced level class and then place them properly. During the first few months, Instructors may feel the necessity to place a student in a different level. This is up to the discretion of the teacher who is a professional instructor from the Ludovici Dance Academy (not the student or parent).
Taking a class beyond a student’s technical level could result in physical injury to the student and lowers their self esteem.

Spring Performance:

The annual Spring Performance always follows the weekend after Memorial day which is usually the first weekend of June. All participating students will receive the necessary information pertaining to important dates, rules and regulations. During the month of March, important information will be posted at the studio regarding . All performing students are required to purchase a designated costume for each number they are performing in. We present 2 shows in one day (held Sunday) and usually have our spring performance at the Scottish Rite Cathedral.
Show I: Showcases the Mini Dance Department and our annual Ballet.
Show II: All dancers from 1st grade and up, including adult dancers.
Ballet students perform in both shows.


Each class meets a minimum of four times per month. Students who miss a class due to an illness or a vacation break may make the class up by taking another class closest to their level. Each student is important to the progression of the entire class. Interest is kept when there is development. Keep in mind-you pay the same amount monthly whether or not you attend all the classes.

Phone Use:

The telephone needs to be used for business. Students who need to call for rides home must ask the front desk to place the call. Under no circumstances may students use the phone for personal calls to friends. ALL CELLPHONES MUST BE TURNED OFF DURING CLASS TIME!

Parent/Teacher Meetings:

Throughout the year, there is a tendency for parents to stop the Instructor between classes for what they feel are “quick questions”. Many times these discussions are not so quick and result in the Instructor being late for the next class. In order for the Instructors to do their job properly and proficiently, we ask that you do not interpret teachers between classes. Of course, if there is a question or a problem it is best to discuss it with the Instructor, so that there are no misunderstandings. Any time you need to speak to an Instructor, please let us know and well will get back to you as soon as possible.

Weather Cancellations:

In the event of severe weather or snow storm, cancellations will be posted at our website at the Home Page of the following web address:  In the event that the website is down, everyone will be notified via email of any cancellation, so be sure to include your e-mail address during registration.  Also tune into the New Castle, Youngstown, and Pittsburgh radio and television stations for additional cancellation informatioin.  Please note that you will not be contacted by phone for any cancellations.  We will also make an attempt to notify everyone via our FACEBOOK page for any weather cancellationss.