Class Rules & Dress Codes

Class Rules and Regulations:

Class Rules and Regulations will be given to you at the start of the new year. We ask all students to be prompt, and for the sake of safety, students are not permitted to wear hanging jewelry and chew gum. If students continuously arrive late, they may not be permitted to participate in class. If you arrive late, please wait inside the doorway and enter between exercises.  Students are expected to show the Instructor proper respect. Problems with attitudes can result in dismissal of the student from the school. Dance is above all a form of discipline.

Dress Codes:

Although this is not all inclusive, we have a dress code for all classes, some of which changes on a yearly basis due to quality of dance instruction and student safety.

Ballet Class

  • Solid leotard
  • Pink Tights
  • HAIR IN A BUN – Bobby pins & clips must be in your bags.
  • Pink Ballet shoes with straps sewn on them.
  • Ballet skirts permitted for ‘Ballet Basics’ Class.

Warm up

  • Use legwarmers, ‘sweater’ knit ballet shorts, ‘sweater’ knit ballet pants, tight fitted ballet sweaters/tops.
  • No sweats, loose shirts, printed shirts, or tank tops.
  • If you are not dressed in ballet attire, you cannot attend Ballet Class!

Pointe Class

  • Same as above, except no legwarmers allowed, shoes must have elastic & ribbons sewn on
    Be sure to have band-aids in dance bags.

Jazz, Modern, Tap, Stretch, Lyrical Classes

  • Cami Tops (or leotards) with dance shorts (not covering the knees).
  • No pants allowed, however you may occasionally wear capris.
  • Hair must be kept off of face.  Dancers need ponytails for jazz & lyrical technique

Hip Hop

  • Students may wear layers, loose tops, longer shorts and/or loose pants.
  • Hair may be kept down during hip-hop.
    We will specify the sneakers prior to show time.

Dance Shoes

Ballet: Pink Ballet with straps on them.
Jazz: Beige slip on.
Lyrical: Pandini lyrical shoes.
Stretch & Acro: Foot undies.
Hip Hop: Sneakers-bring a pair (do not wear street shoes inside studio).  Matching sneakers will be needed for show.
Tap: Kids & Junior (beige flat with no ties), Tap: Teen & Senior (Black flat), Tap: Adult (Tan heels).
Broadway: Kids – Beige Character shoes & beige flat or heeled tap shoes, Juniors – Beige Character shoes & Beige Heeled tap shoes.  Students may begin in any tap shoe.
Repertoire: Ages 7th grade & up – We recommend parents invest in heeled character shoes.


Kelli Ludovici-Grady (Director of the Academy & Repertoire), BFA in Dance, Point Park University

Tracy Syphard-Shaner (Assistant Director), BFA in Dance, Ohio State University